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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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ktvu was first to report that police have arrested a san francisco sheriff's department senior deputy for that crime. investigators last night whent to a specific home. he was arrested this morning by police as he arrived at this san francisco county jail on charges of felony robbery and commercial burglary. bail was set at $150,000. spoeks people from the sheriff's department declined to speak on camera but told us he's been with the department since 2005 and earns a salary between 79 and $100,000 a year. we learned that tong served as an exporter of arms at this gun store and briefly ran a gun shop in san bruno before filing for bankruptcy in july. >> and late this afternoon the district attorney's office told us eight years in state prison if convicted. now, coming up at 6:00, what we've learned about tong's
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background including a string of angry creditors that he has left behind. for now reporting live, david steven son, ktvu channel 2 news. we are on storm watch tonight. tonight people in that neighborhood in daily city where there was a huge mid spill earlier this week are on edge worried about whether the hillside is stable. carol lou is there tonight and tells us why the city says they don't have to worry. carol. >> well, you see there's rain out here right now. i can tell you this is certainly making a lot of the residents nervous by the city tells us this area has been weatherize today handle the additional rain anticipated this weekend. the rain is rattling nerves in this daily city neighborhood. >> what's going to happen tonight? are they sleeping in danger. >> tuesday morning a busted pipe sent nearly 98,000 gallons of water gushing down the hillside swamping cars and forcing a dozen homes to evacuate. what used to be a park is now
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covered in an estimated three to five thousand cubic yards of mud and debris. >> soil might come down again and they're devastated but i don't see any city worker right now and it's all barricade but what can we do if it's pouring more rain right now. >> the hillside is stable. >> are any of these homes at risk. >> no. >> workers have positioned over the mud and park and have created storm drainage to divert any additional water away from homes. >> if you look you'll see a couple yuk lip tus trees in the way. if it does come down it's going to go into the culvert, into the gully. >> this weekend's forecast does call for more rain. >> and city workers do expect everything to hold out here. they will have somebody monitoring the area throughout the weekend coming out to check every time there's significant rain fall. coming up at 6:00 we'll bring
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you the latest on the cleanup of the park and hillside. live in daily city, carol lou, ktvu channel 2 news. let's give you another live look here from above. our news chopper 2 is over the area of 580 and the dublin gray. those lanes on the right hand side of your screen are heading into liver morest bound. you can see there's an awful lot of traffic in this hilly area. keep in mind friday afternoon it's a bad commute here anyway but add on top of that some very slick roads and a few traffic accidents along the way and you can understand why it is a long road to go home for a lot of people in east bay tonight. our storm watch coverage continues as rain is expected to intensify here in just the coming hours. been all other the bay area today and near larks spur now near 101 and getting around is tough today. >> it really is. you know, the rain is coming down fairly lightly right now. we've definitely seen it raining harder in different parts of the bay area here this afternoon and
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just take a look at kind of what they're dealing with here. a little bit of street floogd. this is kind of thing we've seen happening all over the bay area. i know i drove through some of this on my way into oakland today. this one happens to be on its way to nort r northbound 101 tonight. as you see right here a car making its way through. for the time being things are moving along okay out here but it has been a soggy walk for people going to and from work on foot a couple of wrecks over on the peninsula have made it for a tough home and getting in and out of san francisco has also been slow so we've seen this sporadically, the weather, the wet roads causing some problems all other the bay area this afternoon. as we come back out live maybe over here you can see a woman making her way across the street. again, no fun to be the out here but the rain isn't too bad at this point. we are expecting it to continue
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tonight so we're going to keep an eye on this evening commute and of course bring you any updates as we get them in the next 90 minutes and again at 10:00. we're live here in marin, ktvu channel 2 news. rain is turning to snow in parts of the sere ra. the ground is wet. there is a winterwet every advisory in effect for the areas. those expected in the higher elevations tonight. now, we just checked the web siechlt no surprise here chains are not currently required on either 80 or 50 but that could change tomorrow night. that is when the bulk of the storm is expected to hit the snow levels are up around 6 thousand feet but tomorrow night's storm is a cold one. here it is moist air moving on shore. you've been dealing with the impacts of it all day today. we take a look at the area. look at this heavy cell moving in. there's a live radar sweechlt let's see how much rain is
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coming out of this area here, rain fall rates of a quarter of an inch an hour. that's a lot of rain. nearly a half inch of rain. let's come in close now. we'll take a look at san francisco. it has been wet out there all day. sunset district, rain fall accumulation rates out here up to almost a tenth of an inch an hour and see over by the bay bring you've got rain fall rates about 12 hundred dretds of an inch an hour. what does that mean? that's wipers on moderate. look out here towards mount dee i can't be low seeing some heavier rain fall rates, as well. basically has coverage throughout the entire bay area. right now i'm in the daly city area. thad the water tank break. daly city at this hour right now getting rain fall rates of about -- let's check it out right in here. we're getting rain fall rates of that two one hun dretds of an inch an hour.
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what we're going to look at now are the amount of how much rain we've had. it hasn't been a ton of rain but what it's strategically done is fallen on the morning and the heart of the afternoon commute. not only is it the afternoon commute and not only is it friday, not only is it raining but next week is a holiday week so roadways are a mez out there with more rain coming so when i come back i'm going to get you through the next 12 hours where the latest computer model and then look at the five-day forecast where there is more rain headed your way. see you back here in about ten minutes. thank you, bill. keep in mind you can get live storm tracker updates at any time by going to our web site, and look for the link at the top of the page. the man who says comedian cat williams assaulted him earlier this week has now filed a civil lawsuit. williams and a bodyguard beat him, hit him in the head with a bottle and threw him off of an rv that williams uses as a tour van. attorney pamela price today announced the lawsuit against williams and tour promoter live nation. she says that williams invietd
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her client and several other people into the rv. >> my client is an aspiring rapper so he was engaged in a rap contest with mr. williams. >> price said williams suddenly attacked mosley davis without provocation. police detained williams briefly before releasing him. it's unclear if he will face criminal charges in the matter. williams is set by the way to perform tonight in oakland. ant i don't care police have identified a man found wednesday near a sus pektd explosive device. juan hernandez was found shot to death inside an apartment on sycamore drive. a walnut creek bomb squad determine add suspicious object in another room was not an improvised explosive but police have not yet said what it was. police haven't made any arrests or identified any suspects. a watch attached to fuses, a circuit board, and a toggle switch made its way into oakland airport. deputies say it could have been used as triggering device.
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reports on the man and the gadget authorities intercepted. >> oakland international airport, security, it is outside and in and all eyes are on the passengers. >> opened up my computer case and my ipad. >> you're happy to do that. >> i'm willing to do that. >> and security, it was key last night here at terminal 2. 7:25 when a tsa agent spots something very strange inside one of those plastic bins. standing right next to it, a man bound for southern california. >> thad a toggle switch on it. it had fuses, it had a circuit board and it also had wires protruding from it. he took the watch aufshgs placed it in the bin trying to get it through x-rays. >> after spotting that device, terminal 2 was shut down for 25 minutes. agents then conducted an extensive search of the man's possessions. >> he had boots that were two sizes too big and had a home
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maid insert in them that would either make somebody taller or in this case also had a cavity that was empty that you could potentially con keel. it looked home maid to us. >> the suspect 49-year-old jeff row was arrested. deputies say mcgann who was flying to lax with only a backpack did not have explosives on him but sergeant nelson says what he did have on him could have been used as a triggering device. passengers we spoke to tipped their cap to t sa. >> that they caught it and, you know, it's in god's hands. i'm okay with that. >> right now suspect jeffrey mcgann who has prior drug conviction is in jail booked on possession of materials to make a destructive device. ktvu channel 2 news. what some are calling an undeclared war escalated today on the border between israel and
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gaza. >> the wail of arab sirens could be heard in jerusalem today. two rockets landed on the outskirts of that city, the first attacks on jerusalem during this latest fight. sirens also sounded sending people reyesing for shelter. three is ray lease have died in recent days but gaza is suffering the largest toll. iraeli at least 23 palestinians including six children have been killed in the past few days and this fighting could soon turn into a ground war. israel continued to move troops to the border today preparing for a possible invasion of gaza. both the u.s. state department and the united nations are urging israel to end the violence. the narm transportation safety board says it will be looking at video from the camera on the front of a locomotive in yesterday's deadly crash that killed four veterans. it happened in mid land texas during a parade honoring wounded
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vets. the train hit one of the parade floats at a crossing where records show there have been ten other accidents over the past 33 years. witnesses say one of the vets pushed his wife clear of the float just moments before he died in the collision. one participant a former military doctor who worked on the front lines said the scene reminded him of his time in iraq. get your twinkies before they're gone. coming up we'll have the latest on the hostess shutdown and its impact. and could the high speed rail project be de railed before it even begins? the key ruling late today from a judge in sacramento
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. it's been struggling financially but tonight hostess says an ongoing strike by workers was the icing on the cake. live tonight in san leandro with the fallout on the company's decision to shut down operations. >> well, people always joke that twinkies had an indefinite shelf
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live, that they last forever, but now it appears the company won't so shoppers are stocking up on all the hostess products they can get. >> they came to grab the last of the twinkies, to stockpile the ding dongs that were left. >> i wanted the hohos. >> and she wasn't alone. soon the hostess bakery thrift shop in san leandro was pretty picked over. >> there's not very much on the shelves at all left. people are getting what they can because we're not going to be able to get it anymore, and it's really sad. >> hostess made the official announcement today. they're winding down operation. on monday they'll go to bankruptcy court asking to sell their assets, facilities, even the brands themselves. the company says it was already unprofitable but that the recent strike of the baker's union made it impossible for them to continue. they say 18,500 people will lose their jobs nationwide. about 1800 of them here in california. >> i mean, i'm sad, but at the same time, going to stand strong. you know, i want a job, but
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enough is enough. >> de spite the news, union members continued to walk the picket line. they say they won't stop until the court makes it official. still production at all hostess facilities was shut down today, all workers told to go home. >> it does hurt a little bit, you know, what's going to happen to these people but we're going to see if we can put them in different locations. we have different other bakerys and candy shops. >> consumers wish it had ended differently. >> 18,000 people going out of work because they can't settle a contract? it doesn't make sense. it really does not make sense, and now everybody is going to suffer. >> all they can do is scoop up the wonder bred, snowballs and other items that remain. >> well, likely i still have hohos in my freezer. >> there will be new additional tliflys to supermarkets, however a company spokesperson says that thrift shops will remain open for at least a week or so until all of the baked goods are gone. live in san leandro, ann ruben,
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ktvu channel 2 news. more de tails now while people are trying get their hands on the last of the treats we need to remember a lot of people are losing their jobs. 1,822 jobs are being lost here in california. we have numbers on the two bakery, 145 jobs lost in oakland and 221 jobs lost in sacramento. the other losses will come at retail stores and distribution centers. >> twinkies memorabilia has become a hot seller on the internet. lunchboxes being aufrd for as much as $250 and one of the lunchboxes actually up to almost $700. collector rs are also snapping up single twin can i holders and vintage plastic twin can i rings. in just the past 30 minutes central valley farmers lost a bid to de rail california's planned train. denied a motion for a temporary retraining order that would have blocked construction of the high speed rail line through the central valley. the farmers argued the bullet train would run through farmland and irrigation systems and that
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the rail authority did not do adequate environmental reviews. california's unemployment rate showed a slight decline in october. it kicked down from 10.2% in september to 10.1% last month. employers add 45,800 jobs. the bay area's unemployment rates were mostly unchanged. marin county still had the lowest at 5.8%. slau know county came in. at unemployment numbers could take a severe hit. where talks stand right now and the tax hit that you could expect if there is no agreement. apple and samsung are expanding their legal battle over patents. samsung now says its patents were violated at apple's new iphone 5 and apple says its patents were violated by samsung's galaxy s3 and galaxy note phones. this case is different than the
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patent suit. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh returned to work today one day after being hospital iedz for an irregular heartbeat. 48-year-old harbaugh says he underwent a cardio procedure yesterday. it's done by sending an electric current to the heart to get its rate back to normal. harbaugh says he's had atrial fibrillation all his life wednesday he experienced a reyesing heartbeat. >> glad to be back at work, glad to be preparing for this ball game. i'm fine and ready to go to work. >> as he said, harbaugh is expected to be back on the sidelines for the 9ers next game monday night against the chicago bears at candle stick park. >> i was in san francisco a little earlier this afternoon and for a time there, it was really pouring and more rain on the way, huh, bill. >> more rain on the way and san francisco has gotten the most rain fall area t there's more
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coming. my storm tracker 2 shows -- i want to show you the two systems. system no. 1. here's system no 2, and i want to say this one more time, this is the warm one, right, this is coming from the south. that's what we're experiencing now. this is the cold one that's coming from the north. makes nothing but sense. that gets here on saturday night so what we're experiencing now is system no. 1, a warm weather system, and as you look out there right now, you can see some heavier rains showing up north up towards the marin county area. we go deep into san francisco and you can see right on the bay bridge there you've got some showers showing up and heavy rain at times. live radar street goes through. the rain has been heavy especially in san francisco and out in the avenues and on the south side of town. now, we head over in the east bay towards oakland and see some showers here. moderate rain fall maybe heavy rain fall in these yellow cells, this area moderate to light heavy and this area in here is wipers going regular. but you get the idea. it's friday night. it's the commute.
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it's beginning of a holiday weekend, and we've got rain. we head up towards bay point up towards concord. now, we've got significant rain here coming out about a quarter of an inch an hour. so off 680 near highway 4 you're get ago slow down but right behind it as that moves north you get lighter shades and that means rain fall accumulations maybe 500ths to 207th inch an hour. i'm going to start at 7:00 a.m.. this is how it looks. chance shower tomorrow morning. this is saturday morning. hey, look at saturday at lunch time. that doesn't look bad, right? latest computer model clears it out, and i talked about it last night. it's going to clear out during the afternoon tomorrow. the ground will be wet for the morning but you're going to be doing stuff. then get into saturday night. they'll be talking about this is the cold. this is system no. 2. it rolls in, snow levels drop and the rain begins saturday night. that's a brief summary there. i'm going to come back with the latest computer model -- that is the latest but i'm going to roll that out past 48 hours and show
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you what you can expect and also have your five-day forecast and the holiday weekend view as well. thank you, bill. the former cia director breaks his silence. why what david petraeus said is being kept secret. and the battle between sheriff roth kree mee, the letter the sent to the mayor and what he said .ñj6+
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. david petraeus made his first official remarks today after resigning last week because of an extramarital affair. ktvu's john fowler is in the news room tonight with what the general said and why we won't be hearing it. john. >> general petraeus testified during a dmraszed session of congress, a highly -charged appearance about libya and unlike previous trips to capitol hill, his wife did not accompany him. >> tight security surrounded closed-door sessions on capitol hill. retired general david petraeus apoll jiedz to lawmakers for his affair that led to his resignation last week. it's something san mateo congresswoman jackie speer today reveals a military culture of sexual corruption. >> i am deeply deeply disappointed in former general petraeus's actions. the jury is still out on what general allen did, but what is happening at the top, you know it's corrupting all the way down
5:26 pm
the chain. >> petraeus's testimony today focussed on the september 11th attack in benghazi, specifically what the cia and the white house knew and when. >> it added to our ability to make judgments about what is clearly a failure of intelligence. >> mccain and other republicans claiming un ambassador susan rice misled in talking points to the urn that the attack was spontaneous. >> the key is they were unclassified talking points at a very early stage. >> lawmakers today said original cia talking points referred to al-qaida as responsible. that was somehow deleted. now, congress wants to know who eliminated that reference and why. ktvu channel 2 news. information out today reveals a white house connection to florida socialite jill kel lee. she's the woman who reportedly triggered the investigation that ultimately led to the discovery
5:27 pm
of an affair between former cia director david petraeus and his biographer. the white house confirmed that kelley had lunch twice at the cafeteria there with a mid-level staffer she had met socially and that on a third occasion, kelley, her husband, their children, kelley's twin sister and her child were all given a tour of the white house. the battle between the mayor and sheriff of san francisco is ramping up again. sheriff ross mirkarimi is told mayor ed lee no conflict of interest exists in his department's domestic abuse violence provengs program. mayor lee raised concerns about oversight of those programs in light of mirkarimi to misdemeanor false imprisonment. sheriff mirkarimi sent lee a letter stating as sheriff he has no day-to-day role in domestic abuse program. police arrest add teenager for kidnapping and attempted murder. the arrest made easier by the sus peblt himself: it's called a fiscal clip but just like this
5:28 pm
wurngs it, too, could come crashing down on us. and we're on storm watch tonight. this is a live look at interstate 280 in san jose where it is a soggy commute. our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking the rain. his forecast in 20 minutes (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. police in vallejo are working a disturbing kidnaping and assault case involving a 14-year-old suspect and a 65-year-old victim. well, that boy is in jail tonight. police say he kidnapped and sexually assaulted the woman leaving her to die. jay hernandez live now in vallejo with how what that 14-year-old did shortly after the attack made him an easy find
5:31 pm
for the police. >> that's right, gasia. police say this random brutal attack happened in a parking lot right here along plaza drive. the suspect's age has some people scratching their heads. >> vallejo's lieutenant jim o konl called this a violent attack. >> it was resolved quickly. the arrest was made within hours. a great deal of the evidence was collected within hours. >> the 65-year-old woman from so law no county abducted last night sur vooifd. held her add gunpoint forcing her from a parking lot. after she was taken the woman was forced to drive here. she was physically and sexually assaulted and then left in a nearby ditch. passers-by noticed the woman bound with duct tape and by 6:00 just a few hours after the abduction, the woman was rescued. during the kidnapping the victim's family received a ran some call. police wouldn't say how much was demanded but what the teen did next led to his own arrest.
5:32 pm
the 14-year-old returned to the very place where he allegedly abducted the 65-year-old woman. police found him with duct tape, a fake gun, and the victim's vehicle. >> there is not usually such a wide gap in age between victims and suspects. any age is -- is the wrong age to do something like that, but -- but at that age, we certainly don't expect most 14-year-olds to do something of that nature. >> it's the type of crime which leaves shoppers looking over their shoulder. >> i don't feel scared or threatened, and i'm pretty surprised at what's going on lately because we come out here to the shops all the time. >> i do feel safe coming out here, and i haven't had any problems with anybody. >> it's sad, especially because our youth. you know, our youth is our -- our future. >> the 65-year-old woman was still in the hospital this morning. the da will decide whether or not to charge the 14-year-old as an adult. reporting live in vallejo, jay
5:33 pm
hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. uc berkeley police have released the identity now of a man who fell to his death in the berkeley hills on wednesday night. it happened on grizzly peak boulevard on university of california property. officer say 24-year-old jonathan was hiking with four other people when he left the group and went off on his own. they called authorities when he didn't return and officers later found his body down a hillside. the group also admit thad they had been drinking during their height. the president and congressional leaders met today to divert the so-called fiscal cliff and characterized their talks as destructive. with the consequences of failure go into effect on new year's day. >> think about this, with massive tax increases, huge spending cuts and another recession hanging in the balance, national leaders met today, agreed on nothing, and went on vacation. >> congress in the president won't even talk again until
5:34 pm
after thanksgiving and that's after the beginning of the all-important holiday shopping season. based on your own family's income, take a look at what a married couple has been paying for the last 11 years under current rates. before deductions and credits, they range from a low-income 10% rate to a maximum rate of 35%. if congress fails to act, just about everyone's taxes go up with low middle income families hit the hardest, almost double, and the average american family faced with 3500 more dollars of taxes next year. >> this is the biggest retail season of the year. >> consumer psychologist kit yaro says if this spooks consumers, especially middle-class consumers, the u.s. economy could be impacted by poor holiday sales. >> that's the bred and butter for retailers. they are the people that retailers are looking at this upcoming black friday shopping season, you know, in order to make their profits, in order to stay alive. >> merchants we met today think the damage would be so great
5:35 pm
it'll be settled before year's end. >> because i really don't think they'll let it happen. i -- i think it's unlikely. >> why do you think it's unlikely. >> because i think it would have a chilling effect on the economy, and i think no one wants to see that happen right now. >> i think that we can deal with it gradually in a reasoned way with our elected representatives. >> and that says nothing of massive federal -- federal expenditure cuts that could cost huns of thousands of public and private-sector jobs as contracts are cancelled. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. on wall street today, encouraged by the fiscal cliff meeting at the white house and ended a four-day losing streak. the dow added almost 46. the nasdaq was up 16 and the s & p 500 rose 6. another live look now from news chopper 2 as people are making their way home through a very wet, soggy commute. giving you a look here live in the area of 80 and 580 not far
5:36 pm
from goeltden gate fields. you can see there's an awful lot of traffic in both direction ts. keep in mind it is a friday-evening commute. typically things are bad especially in the eastbound direction but looks like things are slow moving both up and down 80 tonight so keep that in mind as roads are slick and a lot of people trying to make it home. with 100% of the vote counting, alameda county's measure b 1 is an apparent loser. the measure would have boosted the county's sales tax for transportation to a full penny. county election officials today said the measure failed by about 667 votes out of more than 527,000 votes cast. if it had passed, the measure was expected to raise almost $8 billion over the next 30 years. jp morgan chase and credit swees have agreed to pay a come pine $417 million to settle federal civil charges steming from the sale of risky mortgage bonds before the financial meltdown in 2008. the sxurts exchange commission
5:37 pm
satd jp morgan failed to tell investors mortgages were delinquent. both banks failed to properly disclose practices that allowed them to profit while investors lost millions. the sec says the fines will go to investors who lost money. facebook has made a second offer now to settle a privacy lawsuit involving its sponsored storying. five saying their names and faces were used for commercial endorsements without any payment. facebook is now offering $10 to yierzs who are part of the sponsored stories out of a $20 million fund. the federal judge in the case rejected facebook's first offer because it involved no payments to users. back to school for san francisco's police chief. the safety lesson and why some businesses are now safe havens. the feds are suing a big bay area company. why they say an agreement between ebay was bad news for workers [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. san francisco's police chief today gave school kids a lesson on how to stay safe on city streets. >> everybody is walking around. a lot of people have one of these. okay. >> chief greg suhr warned students about the dangers of tuning out. the chief said thieves target people who are wearing ear buds or talking on cell phones and
5:41 pm
not paying attention. the chief said many south of market businesses have now agree today act as safe havens. >> when folks are feeling anxious and you can't call 911, store owners have volunteered to put these yellow science in the window so that anybody can step in away from whatever is making them anxious. >> the safe haven program also is in place in the mission and bayview neighborhoods. the u.s. justice department is suing ebay. the fwovt alleges san jose tech giant has an anti competitive greement with into it incorporated. federal prosecutors say the two companies agreed not to hire each other's employees that reportedly lower the valuely and benefits of workers. enforcing the anti competitive agreement. the companies have not respond to the lawsuit filed in san jose federal court. federal anti trust regulators have given their okay to take over dollar thrifty rent a car. that ends the process.
5:42 pm
to get approval hertz agreed to sell an additional 13 airport locations. the acquisition makes hertz the second largest car rental company behind enterprise. well, parents all those swimming lessons you paid for just might pay off. researchers in australia say kids who learn to swim at a young age reached develop mental milestones earlier and gained skills faster. the study looked at kids ages 3 to 5. they scored higher than nonswimmers in oral expression and in motor skills such as cutting paper or draug. sound familiar, an outage at the dmv. we investigate what's behind the outages and the changes being made to try to keep it from happening again. right now i'm tracking rain on the afternoon get away commute. live storm tracker 2 showing heavy rain in the north bay. when i get back we're going to run the latest computer model right through your bay area weekend
5:43 pm
. >> from his gun shop to the civil case filed against him, we're digging up more information about the deputy tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
. thin who's visited the department of motor vehicles knows the drill. wait and wait. but this year a series of computer breakdowns brought the dmv to its knees. in our ktvu special report, ken investigates the failure, the fix and the future for dmv users users. >> it is an old familiar yarn of the dmv, the long wait. >> two or three hours minimum. two and a half hours wait. >> but several times this year, the wait was extraordinary after a series of computer
5:46 pm
malfunctions, the latest an event in august that shut computers at all 170 dmv field office for four long hours. >> we had two mayor jor events in the month of august and both of them were caused by a bad router here at headquarter sdmrs california department of motor vehicles spokesman mike says it was a router, a relatively new mundane piece of equipment that caused problems state wiechltd the routers link data between all the dmv field offices and headquarters, and since that failure, mirando says there have been changes. >> we're looking at them hourly because that's part of the central hub. >> mirando says the dmv has instituted hourly inspections of the key routers and its network at headquarters. in addition the california technology agency which oversees dmv's computer systems says it has installed redundant router systems to reduce the risk of repeated failure. >> fortunately we have not had an event the last two months, and we're looking at it hourly
5:47 pm
to make sure that any disruption of service could be mitt gatded quickly instead of taking several hours to do. >> well, the dmv faces a public relations problem when its computers go down. the fact is computers crash, but when the computers go down at virtually any other state agency, especially those that do not have customers, fu people notice. >> people tend to look at issues of the day that affect customers and that's certainly a concern but overall our systems are up 98 to 99% of the time. >> it remains to the seen if the fixes long term do the trick or if there's a repeat that leads to even longer waits at the dmv. in sacramento, ken prich et ktvu channel 2 news: the cost of a first class stamp is schedule today go up one cent in january. the postal regulatory commission okayed the hike today raising the price of stamps from 45 to 46 cents. postcard rates will also increase from 32 to 36 cents. earlier this week you may remember the u.s. postal service reported a record annual loss of
5:48 pm
nearly $16 billion. a northern california man whose hands and legs were amputated last year is now suing suter memorial hospital in sacramento for medical malpractice. 48-year-old robert downey blames the loss of his limbs on doctors who failed to tieg and treat him properly for staph infection. suter health is not commented about the case citing the ongoing litigation. and a tech analyst is telling investors that the launch of apple tv is jurs around the corner. a number of outlets are quoting as saying an unnamed cable executive told him that the cable company is in talks with apple. rumors have been fueled by the chief operating officer of time warner cable saying his company is open to third-party equipment on its system. california governor jerry brown who once was dubbed governor moon beam warned
5:49 pm
cliement change could soon send future generations fleeing planet earth. the governor said the rest of the country should follow california's but governor brown said if those emissions aren't brought under control, people might be forced to live indoors or quote on some other planet. well, if there's a break in the skies these overcast skies these weekend bey sky watchers may get to see some shooting stars. astronomers say the celestial show should peak about midnight tonight west coast time. four to five meteors will be visible each hour. left-over bits of comets. all right. let's get right to our weather now because there is a lot of rain out there. what's up, bill. >> it hitds right on the afternoon commute. not a surprise. afternoon commute is very wet and it's a get away weekend so holiday next week so it's slow. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that, it is backed up.
5:50 pm
look at the other way, too, going into sacramento. it is slow going out there. now, we go to live storm tracker 2. this is what's causing the slow go. got both doppler radars working up in the davis area and santa cruz mountains and you can see heaviest right now this area south of the bay bridge is kind of going toward it is oakland area up towards beshg leechlt move up this way, this is the heaviest cell so far. you can see those oranges and reds, heavy rain fall maybe as much as a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch. heavier rain out here by point ray station. it's dumping on coastal hills. that's where the heaviest accumulations have been so far. san jose, what's the big deal? light spring lg not a big deal, but the showers will continue and you in san jose will get your rain. storm no. 1, this is a warm one. that's the one we're experiencing now. rain fall accumulations thus far quarter of an inch maybe a little more in the heavier
5:51 pm
locations. that system clears out of here by tomorrow morning. as we get into tomorrow it's kind of a break day. we'll get clouds in breaks. partly to mostly cloudy and then tomorrow night this guy gets in here cold storm snow level plum et not in the bay area peaks but in the mountains. wirnt weather concerns up there. probably chains on 80 and 50 as this system rolls in saturday night into sunday morning. that was a graphical presentation. this is the computer model. the actual hour that's forecasting scattered showers. that is lot of moisture. that's why you can't see a clear line. midnight tonight offshore, there's some more stuff. not thunderstorms but rain heavy at times. that's tomorrow night. tomorrow morning you wake up, 4:00 a.m. i'm not up yet but if you were you'd see a few light sprinkles. your saturday not bad. here comes your saturday night right here. see it behind me? this is what comes in overnight saturday and into sunday morning, and you see it right
5:52 pm
there. there's a clean frontal passage. a whole different weather s. sunday afternoon doesn't look bad. so what we're looking at then is rain tonight into tomorrow morning and then it's out of here tomorrow with some scattered showers and then overnight saturday into sunday morning. there's your five-day forecast with bay area weekend in view but hey listen these aren't huge storms but when you dump rain on the afternoon commute on a friday during a holiday, it's huge. >> but you've been telling us for the past week. >> shouldn't be spriedz. >> thank you, bill. the a's to san jose, why you shouldn't expect the decision any time soon, if you can believe that, and a bizarre incident ends with a car and a baby inside on the runway of a major airport. what happened to the woman behind the wheel. y ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
5:53 pm
[ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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. airport officials got a real scare last night in phoenix. a woman with her two month old son in the car plowed right through a gate at sky harbor airport. she then drove across a runway before officers rammed her car into a fence. fortunately no one was injured here. police say it appears 21-year-old coco nicole anderson was so impaired by drugs that she was unaware of where she was or that her baby was in the car. the child was handed over to relatives. the woman is now being charged with dui and criminal damage. a bay area holiday tradition is set to start tonight.
5:56 pm
the san francisco spca unveals its holiday. all available for adoption. the holiday display helped 2300 pip pis and kittens find new families and even people who aren't in a position to adopt can still help by donating money. $4 hun thousand has been collected over the years for this cause. major league baseball owners today wrapped up a meeting in chicago apparently without talking about moving the oakland a's down to the south bay. that change would require permission from the league. the san francisco giants have blocked the move so far claiming they have exclusive rights to the area. major league baseball appears to be in no hurry to resolve the matter so for now at least it appears fans of the team will be watching them play in oakland through at least the next season. coming up here in two minutes we are on storm watch tonight as the first series of storms makes its way through the bay area. an update on the conditions and problems the rain is causing. and new dae tails about the
5:57 pm
arrest of oakland's most-wanted suspect. the unusual sishgs behind his arrest and the final crime he never got away with
5:58 pm
circumstances behind his arrest and the final crime he never got away with . you saw it here first, a san francisco sheriff's deputy accused of robbing a bank. the new information we're
5:59 pm
learning about the suspect and the troubles he was facing. and the first in a series of storms is just getting started. the conditions right now and the problems they're causing. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening. i'm julie haener. and i'm frank somerville. we are on storm watch at this hour as the first of a series of fall storms brings rain and snow to northern california, and we begin with our chief meteorologist bill martin who's tracking the storm. >> this rain is right on time for the afternoon commute and the get away toward the holiday weekend. the rain has been falling all afternoon. it started this morning. live storm tracker 2 picks out the heaviest locations. of course you can see these areas up in the north bay. that's the heaviest rain. we're seeing moderate to heavy rain fall throughout the area. we're right here near broadway and emeryville you see heavy showers here. that's significant rain fall, maybe the rate of a qua


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